Health Matters

With traffic increasing and more road congestion people are spending more time in their cars. In addition to the cooling effect air conditioning also dries and filters the air.

This means you are breathing in fewer pollutants and airborne particles which is good for allergy sufferers.In winter it means a dry cabin instead of misted windows and damp surroundings.

With many people suffering from Hay Fever and allergies, it is not surprising that more and more people are discovering the value of a comfortable and controlled driving environment.

On summer days you can arrive at your journeys end as cool calm and collected as is possible!

The actual benefits go beyond this .In fact air conditioning does three things that are great throughout the year.

* It cools the air
* It dries the air
* It filters the air

As your car ages you may notice the freshness of the air provided deteriorating.

The moisture removed from the cabin is drained away, although some can remain providing a living environment for naturally occurring airborne fungal micro-organisms, mildew and mould. These can combine to produce unpleasant odours and potentially flu like symptoms.

Regular servicing means systems can be maintained and checked. problems can be diagnosed before they become too serious.