Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Regas?

A regas (or recharge) is only performed when the system is repaired or serviced. If there is no refrigerant in the system or the system is still operating but not cooling due to low charge a leak must have developed. Therefore if you just recharge, the refrigerant will leakout in a short time .rendering the a/c system inoperative again . Therefore the term "Just needs a regas" is a very short term repair and is not advisable. UNICOOL will check and leak test you're a/c system at no charge and advise on the best cause of repair.

Why is my A/C Smelly?

This could be due to a dirty pollen filter (especially in Japanese imported European vehicles) This filter should be replaced annually. The second cause is the evaporator fins could be dirty and harbouring bacteria (See health Matters) or debries blown into the evaporator by the blower motor. In order to completely treat the evaporator it must be removed from the vehicle UNICOOL can quote this repair for you.

Does my A/C need servicing?

Yes the a/c system does require servicing on a regular basis in order to keep the system working as it was designed. The filter drier, which filters the refrigerant of debries from moving system components and the dessicant material also filters moisture should be replaced every 2 years or 40,000 km. If the dessicant in the drier breaks down serious damage to the a/c system would occur with the possibility of compressor seizure. Use the contacts page to make a booking for your A/C system service.

Does my Garage service my a/c?

No. not normally. Specialized training and equipment is required. Unicool has the latest equipment and all our technicians are trained in the latest techniques in accordance with VASA (vehicle airconditioning specialists of Australasia).